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GridGuru utilizes advanced edge AI to deliver real-time data analytics directly at the smart meter gateway, transcending limitations of traditional cloud-based solutions. Instantly gain actionable intelligence insights to enhance efficiency, privacy, and reliability in energy management.


GridGuru's AI-powered analytics provide real-time insights to enhance energy management. Our advanced edge technology delivers data analytics directly at the smart meter gateway, providing actionable intelligence for efficient, private, and reliable energy management.



GridGuru delivers smart energy management solutions powered by edge AI technology. By processing data directly at smart meter gateways, our algorithms generate hyperlocal insights in real-time to optimize energy operations. This localized approach transcends limitations of cloud-based analytics such as latency, connectivity, privacy concerns and scalability. With GridGuru's AI solutions, energy providers gain 24/7 visibility into infrastructure health and performance. Our self-learning algorithms continuously adapt to detect anomalies, forecast demand, balance loads, and maximize renewables in real-time. This enables intelligent automation and control for truly smart energy management.


GridGuru leverages the power of edge AI to enable efficient energy management. With advanced machine learning algorithms deployed at the meter-level, our technology turns raw data into timely, optimized intelligence. This real-time edge approach eliminates latency while also enhancing privacy and reliability compared to traditional cloud analytics. By processing data at the source, GridGuru AI delivers precise load forecasts, identifies flexibility potential, and provides predictive maintenance alerts when and where needed. Our adaptive edge analytics unlock the next level in efficient, sustainable energy management.


At GridGuru, we build cutting-edge digital products on our robust edge AI platform. This platform allows us to rapidly develop and deploy innovative energy management solutions.


Our core platform products include:



Our real-time energy monitoring system leverages IoT sensors and edge analytics on smart meter data. GridOptics provides complete visibility into infrastructure health with key capabilities:

  • Real-time asset monitoring - Track equipment status and output

  • Load visualization - See energy demand in granular detail

  • Outage mapping - Instantly identify fault locations

  • Power quality analytics - Monitor voltage, frequency and power factor

GridOptics delivers the real-time situational awareness needed for quick operational decisions.


Our predictive analytics engine applies AI algorithms on energy data to uncover insights. GridForesight key features:

  • Load forecasting - Predict demand minutes to months ahead

  • Anomaly detection - Flag unusual patterns indicating potential issues

  • Predictive maintenance - Continuously monitor asset health and failure risk

  • Renewables forecasting - Project distributed solar and wind availability

By revealing future patterns, GridForesight enables optimized planning and risk reduction.


Our optimization system uses load flexibility and storage to smooth demand profiles. Key capabilities:

  • Load shaping - Incentivize and automate consumption shifting

  • Peak shaving - Shed non-critical loads to flatten peaks

  • Renewables integration - Balance generation intermittency

  • Microgrid optimization - Manage local supply and demand

GridBalancer unlocks new levels of stability, efficiency and sustainability.


Our intelligent automation system oversees grid health and recommendations. Features include:

  • Control automation - Executes real-time optimization strategies

  • Alerting - Sends timely notifications to operators

  • Reporting - Delivers actionable insights and key grid health KPIs

  • Decision support - Provides expert recommendations to augment human operations

GridAssist augments human capability, handling complexities at machine speed.

These platform building blocks power our suite of intelligent energy management applications. We tailor these solutions to your unique operational requirements through a collaborative development process. Let us show you how our digital platform can revolutionize your grid operations.

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