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Step into a pivotal role as an AI Researcher with us, spearheading the evolution of cutting-edge algorithms to pioneer novel energy management solutions. Your journey will encompass the research and development of innovative machine learning methodologies, sharing newfound knowledge through academic publications, and relentless refinement of model accuracy and efficiency. As a bridge between conceptual research and practical application, you'll work hand-in-glove with our engineering squads to seamlessly transition groundbreaking research into real-world production. Your curiosity will keep you abreast of the latest academic strides in AI/ML, ensuring our solutions stay at the forefront of technological innovation.


On-Site/ Remote



What You'll Do

  • Research and develop novel machine learning approaches and architectures

  • Publish papers to spread new knowledge in AI for energy management

  • Continuously enhance model accuracy, efficiency and scalability

  • Collaborate with engineering teams to transition research into production

  • Stay current on the latest academic breakthroughs in AI/ML

Uncover new AI frontiers and blow minds with state-of-the-art discoveries

An innovator pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI

Who You Are

  • PhD in computer science, with specialization in AI/ML

  • Track record of published research and advancing leading-edge techniques

  • Mastery of AI/ML theory, algorithms, tools and frameworks

  • Ability to implement complex algorithms and statistical models in code

  • Solid understanding of energy sector needs and applications

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