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Embark on a rewarding venture as a Data Scientist with us, focusing on honing analytics and machine learning for superior energy management solutions. Your role involves engaging with stakeholders to decipher business needs, delving into extensive, intricate energy data sets, and crafting predictive models through robust statistical and machine learning methodologies. You'll also be at the forefront of developing bespoke algorithms and analytics pipelines aligned with energy operations. With a knack for translating data insights into actionable business strategies, you'll be a linchpin in driving informed decision-making and optimizing our energy management processes.


On-Site/ Remote



What You'll Do

  • Work with stakeholders to identify business needs and problems

  • Collect, clean and analyze large, complex energy data sets

  • Build, evaluate and enhance predictive models using statistical and machine learning techniques

  • Develop algorithms and analytics pipelines tailored to energy operations

  • Clearly communicate data insights to drive business decisions

Slay business problems and extract insights using hardcore data skills

A detective who solves business mysteries with data.

Who You Are

  • Advanced degree in data science, computer science or equivalent field

  • Hands-on experience building ML models with Python and familiarity with energy domain

  • Strong statistical, mathematical and analytical skills

  • Ability to translate complex data concepts for business users

  • Strong communication skills and ability to work cross-functionally

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